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Take into serious consideration each customer complaint and solve it responsibly. Keep sufficient consuming parts available for repairing GRUNDOMATS. Keep up to date with customer's technical demand for due to Trenchless Technology Equipment and Accessories ongoing professional knowledge.

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Reef Trenchless Technology SA is the sole Agent and Importer for T.T UK & T.T Germany since 1998 and specializes in Trenchless Technology Equipment and Accessories for the most cost effective method of installing /replacing existing pipes/cables underground without associated traffic disruption and environmental impact.

Reef Trenchless Technology SA goal is to provide the best possible Trenchless Technology Equipment, reasonable cost combined with impact service for our customers.


- GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers in diameters from 45 to180mm;

- GRUNDORAM steel pipe-ramming hammers for the installation of steel pipes in diameters 200mm to 4m;

- GRUNDOCRACK, GRUNDOBURTS - Form and GRUNDOTUGGER pneumatic/hydraulic pipe-cracking replacement
   systems for 110 to 1000mm pipes/mains; GRUNDOPILE vertical piling hammers for 50 to 200mm steel pile casings;

- GRUNDOWINCH trailer - mounted winches from 2 to 40 ton;

- GRUNDOPIT, GRUNDOBORE, GRUNDODRILL, Directional boring systems for the installation of pipes up to 600mm  diameter.

Reef Trenchless Technology GRUNDOMAT
Reef Trenchless Technology GRUNDOMAT
Reef Trenchless Technology GRUNDOMAT

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